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vtech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Storytelling Soother

vtech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Storytelling Soother

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When it comes to sound soothers and sleep aid, it’s hard to go past the VTech BC8313 V-HUSH Pro Storytelling Soother with Sleep Trainer. The massive library of music, stories, lullabies and soothing sounds is incredible. 170 in total to be exact!

It also functions as a High Definition Bluetooth speaker!

The night light on the VTech BC8313 is a Multi-colour soft glow night light. On top of that, you have a Multi-pattern projection night light. In addition a Temperature sensor and clock display all with an auto off timer.

The best part is that it has a sleep training program as well which will help teach your little one when to go to sleep and when it’s time to get up in the morning.

To Top all of that off, with the VTech BC8313 V-HUSH Pro SmartPhone app, you can control it via your phone or tablet!

Key Features:

  • Operates on mains power OR built-in rechargeable battery (provides up to 6 hours of night light/audio on a single charge)
  • High definition Bluetooth speaker
  • 100 classical songs
  • 50 classic stories
  • 10 relaxing lullabies
  • 10 soothing sounds
  • Multi-colour soft glow night light
  • Multi-pattern projection night light
  • Sleep training program
  • Temperature sensor
  • Clock display
  • Auto off timer

Control all functions/features from the subscription-free VTech app:

  • Adjust night light
  • Select story, song or sound
  • Personal recordings
  • Stream music
  • Projection control
  • Set alarm / nap timer
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