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Sepal 3 pk Thickened Feed Teats - Medium Teat/Fast Flow

Sepal 3 pk Thickened Feed Teats - Medium Teat/Fast Flow

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Sepal-Infant Teat 3-Packs include Home Care & Use Instructions and are individually wrapped, clean & ready-to-use.

The Medium Teat / Fast Flow is recommended for 4-9mth old infants, who require a thickened feed or just need a little bit more.

Launched in 2014, Sepal is a privately owned Australian business, manufacturing a range of ready-to-use, 100% recyclable, specialised infant feeding teats and related products.  Developed specifically for use by Australian children's hospitals, the full product range is also available to purchase for home use.

Australian Made

Sepal are proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

Natural Rhythm

As your baby grows, they will develop a natural feeding action to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing (SSB) which ensures feeding is safe and responsive to the baby’s hunger, respiration and capacity to swallow milk.
The Sepal system adapts to generate an appropriate level of venting, so that milk only flows when your baby sucks – it is not affected by how hard or loose the collar is tightened – ensuring that milk will not enter your baby’s mouth accidently.
This controlled venting system means vacuum cannot build up in the bottle, allowing a continuous feeding cycle with no need for your baby to detach and interrupt their feed.

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