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Rubbabu Shape Sorter Bus Large - Yellow

Rubbabu Shape Sorter Bus Large - Yellow

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Made from sustainably sourced Natural Rubber, Rubbabu's range of foam vehicles are soft to the touch, yet sturdy for play. Eco friendly and completely biodegradable, these are an appealing toy to push and chase! 
The unique flocked texture makes Rubbabu easy for a developing grip to handle, and the all-over squishiness ensures they are completely safe for a little tumble or bounce as young children are learning to play. 

The big Yellow Bus is filled with 6 funny-faced passengers, each with a unique colour and shape to be cleverly sorted back into their preferred seat. 
Shape sorters like these are a welcome addition to the early toybox for budding fine motor skills, imaginative play and hand eye development. Even before they're ready to tackle the sorting puzzle, this vibrant Bus is enticing and safe for baby's floor play as well. 

The Sorting Bus measures approx. 22cm long, with 4cm shapes making it safe for all ages. 
Recommended for 1-3 Years 

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