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Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart On The Go Bottle Warmer

Prince Lionheart On The Go Bottle Warmer

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We love simplicity. We don’t love chords or batteries or anything else that may make life with kids more complicated. Our On-the-Go Bottle Warmer is a simple way to be prepared for a hungry tummy on the go. Press a button to warm the heating pouch and boil it in water to re-use it. It’s that simple. No wonder it is has been a family favourite travel bottle warmer for decades. Bon appétit!


  • Instant heat source: click disk to activate “crystals” and keep bottles/food jars warm for up to 2 hours

  • No power source needed—stay unplugged on the go

  • Boil in water (10-15 min) to reactivate; can be used again and again

  • Comes with bottle/food bag to house heating pouch

  • Non-toxic

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