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Pigeon Slim Neck Bottle 240ML PPSU M

Pigeon Slim Neck Bottle 240ML PPSU M

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Made from highly durable, BPA-free, medical grade PPSU plastic is ideal for a high level of usage. The bottle also has an ergonomic design, and comes with the original Peristaltic Teat (M) which has a round hole at the teat tip.

Slim neck 240ml.


You may have seen in the news recently a study has been done showing that more than half of the brands of Baby Bottles available  in Australia do not comply to the International Standard.

The great news is that Pigeon bottles do comply and have been tested by TUV, one of the biggest global NATA approved independent testing laboratories.

Pigeon Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of baby accessories in the world. Our attention to detail and quality standards are second to none, so rest assured we have the safety of your baby at heart.

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