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Natures Child

Natures Child Organic Baby Wipes 4 Pk

Natures Child Organic Baby Wipes 4 Pk

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These supersoft, washable nappy wipes offer convenience and the ability to save up to $900 by not using disposable nappy wipes. Supersoft brushed flannelette cotton on one side and absorbent terry towelling on the reverse side. 18 x 30cm.

Avoid the expense of using disposable nappy wipes all the time by using these washable ones part time or full time. Use dry or wet.  Simply wet with water as you need them and store in a reusable container when you are out to bring them home for washing. Comes in pack of 4. Certified Organic by GOTS.


Why Is Organic Cotton Better?

  • The fabric lasts longer
  • The fabric is more absorbent
  • No bleaching or Harsh chemical have been used AT ALL on this product.
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