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Natures Child

Natures Child Amber Anklet/Bracelet Cognac

Natures Child Amber Anklet/Bracelet Cognac

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This gorgeous Baltic Amber Baby Anklet/Bracelet can be safely worn by your baby from any age. It is approximately 14cm long. Amber Baby Jewellery is the Ultimate Eco Fashion Statement this century.

The Nature of Amber is a Natural item from nature so each Nature’s Child anklet/bracelet will have variation in bead shape and size but the total length will always be approximately 13-14 cm. Each bead is individually knotted for safety.

Nature’s Child recommends that parents should:

Supervise your infant when wearing the anklet/bracelet

Remove the anklet/bracelet when your child is asleep or unattended

Do not allow your child to chew the anklet/bracelet

Ideal if you love amber but don’t like the idea of a necklace for your baby

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