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Milton 2 in 1 Combi Steriliser Starter Kit

Milton 2 in 1 Combi Steriliser Starter Kit

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The NEW Milton 2 in 1 Combi Sterilisation Kit contains all the items required for you to immediately sterilise breastfeeding equipment and baby’s accessories. The large 5 litre Combi Microwave Steriliser unit can fit 5 wide-neck bottles of any brand. It provides busy parents with a safe, easy and simple way to disinfect, sanitise and store baby’s items so they are ready to use on demand – especially in the middle of the night!

The BPA-free microwave unit features Unique safety-vent technology that increases the temperature inside the unit for better microwave sterilisation. When closed it is virtually spill free due to the unique seal on the lid, and features a convenient carry handle.

Milton 2 in 1 Sterilisation Starter Kit includes:

  • Milton Combi Steriliser Unit with  unique safety vent technology & sub-merger place
  • Antibacterial 30 Tabs (valued at $7.99)
  • Plastic tongs to safely remove product

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