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Mama Body

Mama Body Sitz Bath Salts

Mama Body Sitz Bath Salts

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Made for: Postpartum 

Use me: Postpartum healing in your Sitz Bath or bath

Soothing relief in those lower regions is all we mamas crave after the big day (we’ll take a strong coffee too). This calming postpartum salt blend helps to reduce swelling, discourage infection and encourage healing of your magical mama bits after the big exit. Our mix of epsom salts, dead sea salts, cypress oil, lavender oil and roman chamomile oil is specially formulated for use in our Sitz Bath, which aids in healing and sanitisation after your big day (and gives you the ultimate excuse for a good sit-down).

This powerful antibacterial mix is brimming with healing, anti-inflammatory properties to ensure you spend less time thinking about ‘down there’ and more time thinking about your adorable bundle of gurgles.

It’s time to bathe your bits Mama. 

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