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Mama Body

Mama Body Peri Oil

Mama Body Peri Oil

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Made for: Pregnant mamas from 34 weeks

Let’s chat about your perineum Mama. The ol’ vajayjay gets a fair bit of attention in the lead up to the big day. But you know who’s craving it too? Your perineum.

Your pretty peri sits between that golden hoohah and your exit shoot and is all too often forgotten about before the big day. Peri can get butt-whooping during birth. So a little attention to her in the lead up to, and following the grand exit, will make bonding with bub way less winceable. Our nourishing Peri Oil is designed to increase elasticity and blood flow to the area plus reduce the risk of tearing at birth. It’s a peri-fic idea to get onto her early #yepwedid

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