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MAM Feeding Set

MAM Feeding Set

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MAM Feeding Set (4+ month) is designed in the MAM design studio to gradually help babies gain independence and make the transition to solid food easy. The first time a baby is fed solid food is a great experience for parents and baby alike. MAM designers have made sure this is the case. The perfect combination of function and design (modern colours and shapes) meets the highest standards and quickly make learning to eat independently a successful experience.

The Feeding Set consists of two parts:
Soft Spoon
* Soft and flexible – ideal for feeding inquisitive babies
* Smart Soft Spoon with heat sensor, changes colour when the food temperature is too hot. Babies love it!
Feeding Bowl
* Easy to hold with one hand while the other is left free for feeding
* Perfect if you’re on the move as the lid always stays tight.
* Separate compartments for different foods

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