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Little Dutch

Little Dutch Vintage Walker Wagon

Little Dutch Vintage Walker Wagon

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And off you go! On adventure throughout the living room with this Vintage walker wagon. Step by step you learn how to walk, and this push wagon will help you get there. So start your engine and imagine being the driver of this supercool van. The wooden Vintage walker wagon is not just a helper to watch your beginner walker flourish. The timeless design of a vintage surfer van is also the perfect toy box for your baby. Your little one can store toys for imaginative play indoors or bring them with on walking adventures! Great for development of balance, coordination and motor skills. And thanks to the rubber strips you will not have to worry about your floor when your child is cruising through the room.

Warning: Adult assembly required.


  1. Vintage Walker Wagon Adventure: Set off on exciting adventures around the living room with the Vintage walker wagon! This push wagon provides essential support for your little one as they take their first steps, fostering confidence and independence with each stride.

  2. Imaginative Play: With its charming vintage surfer van design, this walker wagon sparks imaginative play as your child imagines themselves as the driver of this supercool van. Beyond its role as a walking aid, it doubles as a versatile toy box, allowing your little one to store their favorite toys for indoor play or take them along on walking adventures.

  3. Developmental Benefits: The Vintage walker wagon not only aids in the development of balance, coordination, and motor skills but also offers practicality with rubber strips that protect your floor as your child cruises through the room. Its timeless design and multifunctional nature make it a cherished addition to your child's playroom, providing hours of entertainment and developmental benefits.


  • Suitability: 12 Months +
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