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Little Dutch

Little Dutch Baby Bunny Gift Box

Little Dutch Baby Bunny Gift Box

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Together, our favourites from the Baby Bunny collection make the perfect maternity or baby shower gift. This pretty box contains three soft products to sleep, cuddle and play with. The cuddly blanket with soft bunny is great for cuddling, but is also fun for a game of peekaboo. The cuddly rabbit is always in for a big cuddle and loves to go everywhere with you. This set includes a rattle with a rattling soft bunny to play with. It stimulates baby's hand-eye coordination and curiosity. The teething ring also offers baby comfort when the first teeth arrive. The products are packed in a nice gift box.


  1. Ultimate Gift Set: Delight expecting parents or celebrate a baby shower in style with the Baby Bunny collection's perfect gift package. This beautifully presented box contains three essential soft products designed to bring joy and comfort to both baby and parents.

  2. Versatile Play and Comfort: Inside the box, you'll find a cuddly blanket adorned with a soft bunny, perfect for snuggles and peekaboo playtime. Additionally, the cuddly rabbit companion is always ready for a warm embrace, becoming an instant favourite for little ones to cuddle with.

  3. Developmental Stimulation: Engage and entertain your little one with the included rattle featuring a soft bunny, designed to stimulate hand-eye coordination and curiosity. Additionally, the teething ring offers soothing relief for baby's gums during the teething process, ensuring comfort during this developmental milestone. All these products come neatly packed in a charming gift box, ready to bring smiles to both givers and receivers.


  • Minimum Age: 3+ years
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