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I Love My Grandma Picture Book

I Love My Grandma Picture Book

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Little Hedgehog and Grandma loved to play hide-and-seek together. One day, when Grandma went to find Little Hedgehog... Little Hedgehog hid! He put his paws over his mouth so that she couldn't hear him giggle. "Where, oh where can Little Hedgehog be?" said Grandma. I want to make a yummy picnic, and I need help. Little Hedgehog giggled again. With lovely illustrations, this book will be your little one's favourite bedtime read.

  • A sweet, exuberant, and comforting story for any Mother or Grandma and her little one to share.
  • Children can discover these books on their own, or read them along with a parent or friend.
  • Large, easy to read text. Reading has never been so much fun!
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