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Hevea Natural Rubber Nipple Shield

Hevea Natural Rubber Nipple Shield

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Our natural Nipple shield is carefully designed to accommodate and address special breastfeeding situations, such as latching difficulties, flat nipples, overactive letdowns, and inverted nipples. Our goal is to help mom to continue breastfeeding for as long as they choose too while making nursing as convenient as possible for mother and baby. And this Nipple shield can be perfect for this!


  • Made from natural rubber - safe, soft and eco-friendly
  • Completely free of toxic substances like plastic, silicone, PVC, BPA, petroleum, and phthalates
  • Nipple head design allows baby to mimic natural sucking rhythm, making it easier for babies who are having difficulties latching
  • Fits most breasts
  • Hygienic one-piece anti-colic design – no joints, cracks, edges

Benefits of the HEVEA® Nipple shield

  • Plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: Since rubber is a natural material, it slowly disintegrates when no longer in use. Incredibly easy to clean – simply place under boiling/very warm water for a minutes
  • Round shape can be rotated 360 for comfortable and flexible positioning with 3 flow holes
  • Super-soft, lightweight and warms with mum’s body temperature for a natural feel
  • Protects sore or cracked nipples to help mum’s continued breastfeeding. Perfect for parent wanting to avoid plastic and instead choose sustainable products
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