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Grow Aliss Double Electric Breast Pump

Grow Aliss Double Electric Breast Pump

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The ALISS Double Breast Pump is electric and comes with the revolutionary 3D Soft Breast Shield with 3 functions that Stimulate, Suck and Squeeze. The unique 3D design of the Breast Shield reacts to the pumping rhythm which mimics a babies suckling motion and provides maximum comfort and stimulation. The ALISS is safe, powerful and efficient. Power is maintained when both pumps are used simultaneously without any suction reduction and is highly efficient in establishing breast milk. It is a Closed System breast pump (with anti-backflow) which prevents breast milk residue gathering in the tubes or motor, as milk residue can cause contamination. The ALISS offers individual controls for the left and right breast allowing you to express using both pumps adjusting the suction levels separately. It has double-pumping ability allowing you to choose from single or double pumping. Touch Screen Technology allows mothers to conveniently navigate the digital controls and visually monitor the dual phase expression mode. With 9 adjustable suction levels, 2-Phase Expression – Stimulate and Express, this pump will automatically change from stimulate to express after 2 minutes without having to press a button.

Height: 23.3cm  Length: 31cm  Width: 19cm

➤3D Soft Breast Shield provides maximum comfort and stimulation while mimicking baby’s suckling motion

➤Closed System Breast Pump with anti backflow preventing milk residue in the tubes or motor

➤2-Phase Stimulate & Expression with 9 adjustable suction levels

➤Touch screen technology and visual monitor of dual phase expression

➤Includes 2x Grow Wide Neck Bottles with Long Barrel teat which allows baby to easily co-ordinate breathing while feeding reducing colic

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