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Fridge To Go

Fridge To Go Lunch Box Medium Jungle

Fridge To Go Lunch Box Medium Jungle

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You've heard of our Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch Bags that stay cold all day and have a cult following! You'll see them when you're out and about providing healthy snacks for babies, toddlers and school-aged kids. Have you tried one yourself?

See our 2020 prints in our new sleek model! The Medium Lunch Bag lets you pack ANY food for the day such as dairy, fish (sushi!), meat, etc and keeps it cool to ensure it stays perfectly safe to eat. Fresh food is more likely to be eaten and not come home in the lunch bag! Perfect size to use with different shaped containers and fits easily inside a backpack.

– Slim line lunch design
– Ideal for all ages!
– Includes removable chilling panel
– Ideal for every day use
– Fully collapsible to flat
– Easy-tote handle
– BPA, PVC, lead & Phthlate-free
– Wipe clean with soap & water
– Liquid is non-toxic purified salt water
 Surround cooling 8 hours
– Panel contains 290ml of liquid
– Bag measures 20 x 23 x 8 cm internally

If you haven't already, we suggest you test drive one today as this is the best way to see how cool they really are!

(Note after the majority of our customers advised they didn't need these, our latest 2020 models no longer have the side mesh pocket or shoulder strap - reach out if you need help.)

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