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ErgoPouch Window Blockout Blind 3pk

ErgoPouch Window Blockout Blind 3pk

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The new & improved reusable static-cling Window Blockout is the perfect solution for babies and toddlers who need total darkness in their room to sleep and dream the night away.

The Window Blockout is white on both sides to seamlessly blend in with your child’s space. The room side will block out the light and the outward-facing side will reflect light away from your windows, which can help regulate the room’s temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

- Non-toxic, static-cling sheets that leave zero residue.
- Can be reused multiple times.
- Blocks 100% of sunlight
- White on both sides
- Internal black layer
- Easy to cut to size, apply and clean.
- Ideal for travel, can be rolled up for transport.
- Sheet size: 46 cm x 183 cm each.
- Suitable for single or double-glazed windows.

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