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ErgoPouch Butterfly Cardi 0.2 - Oatmeal

ErgoPouch Butterfly Cardi 0.2 - Oatmeal

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The Butterfly Cardi gives your baby two sleep solutions in one cleverly designed product. If you have a baby who prefers to sleep with their hands near their face for comfort, the Butterfly Cardi can be used over any arms-out swaddle or sleeping bag to support this sleep style. If you have an arms-in swaddled baby beginning to show signs of rolling, the Butterfly Cardi is designed to be worn over their sleeping bag to help them with transitioning to arms-out sleeping with minimal interruptions and maximum comfort.

Hands-up sleeping
Some newborns find comfort sleeping with their hands up near their face. If your baby falls into this category, simply wear the Cocoon Swaddle Bag (sold separately) with arms-out, pop the Butterfly Cardi on over the top, and contain the hands in the butterfly wing pockets in a position near the face. This is safe from birth, when using our 0-3 month size. If your newborn baby changes sleep style regularly, the Cocoon Swaddle Bag paired with the Butterfly Cardi gives you three sleep options to switch between (arms-in, arms-out and hands-up).

Transitioning out of a swaddle
If your baby has been sleeping swaddled with their arms in or up, and begins to show signs of rolling, it is time to transition them to arms-out sleeping for their safety. The Butterfly Cardi is innovatively designed to be a transition aid worn over your baby’s swaddle or sleeping bag, to help them transition to arms-out with minimal sleep interruptions and maximum sleep comfort. The 0.2 TOG rating makes it a light layer suitable for use over any sleeping bag in any room temperature.

The Butterfly Cardi features unique arm pockets to create a sense of containment, the feeling you baby will be used to from swaddling. By gently releasing one arm out of the swaddle at a time and into the pocket, you will be easing your baby to sleep fully arms-out over a period of 10 days, helping them get used to the new sensation as you go. With their arms inside the pocket, your baby will also have access to their hands for self-soothing. For babies who may still have a strong startle reflex, the press studs can be adjusted to make a firmer fit around your baby's torso.

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