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Ecoriginals Manuka Honey Wipes 70 Pack

Ecoriginals Manuka Honey Wipes 70 Pack

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Ecoriginals Organic NZ Manuka Honey Baby Wipes

  • All natural baby wipes
  • With organic manuka honey
  • Fragrance free

Ecoriginals purified New Zealand water wipes use natural ingredients to nourish delicate baby skin. Manuka honey is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and in these eco baby wipes, Ecoriginals uses MG650+ rated manuka honey for the highest grade of beneficial properties.

There’s also purified New Zealand water, Japanese soybean amino acid to help maintain skin’s hydration, and chamomile essential oil to soothe and calm. The Ecoriginals baby wipes will gently cleanse without harsh ingredients.

These eco baby wipes are made with fully biodegradable and home compostable bamboo fibre, and the packaging is recyclable.

Why we love Ecoriginals Organic NZ Manuka Honey Baby Wipes:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • With MG650+ rated manuka honey
  • Compostable bamboo baby wipes
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Made with sustainably source bamboo fibre
  • Made in an off-grid manufacturing facility

Manufactured in New Zealand using 100% renewable energy.

Ingredients: Purified NZ Water, Organic NZ Manuka Honey, Japanese Soybean Amino Acid, NZ Organic Aloe Vera Extract, German Chamomile Essential Oil and Vitamin E.

Size: pack of 70 wipes

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