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Cocoonababy Cocoonacover Quilt 2 TOG

Cocoonababy Cocoonacover Quilt 2 TOG

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The Cocoonacover is a baby blanket designed exclusively for the Cocoonababy Nest.

Perfectly fitted to the Cocoonababy, it removes the risk of covering baby's face while asleep. Velcro opening to check your baby's nappy without waking him. Available in quilted or light weight fabric and in a large range of colours.

  • Intuitive use.
  • Ideal for covering and uncovering baby without wakening him.
  • Its specific shape and fastening ensure that baby’s mouth and nose remain uncovered.
  • This blanket is only for use with a complete Cocoonababy (Tummy band and wedge).

Use: From birth to around 3-4 months.

Fabric: Fleur de coton® Quilted (TOG 2)

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