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Chicco Soother Physio Soft 2 Pk Girl

Chicco Soother Physio Soft 2 Pk Girl

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The Chicco Physio Soother has been designed to help baby's mouth and tongue action to develop properly and to satisfy their natural sucking instinct.

Made from soft silicone, the pacifier has an orthodontic teat with palate ridges on the tip of the teat. These act as a point of reference for baby, to place the tip of their tongue in the correct position and push it upwards with the correct pressure while sucking and swallowing.

The ultra thin profile on the narrow part of the teat helps baby to close their mouth correctly, while, in the upper part, the teat is inclined to suit the natural position of the tongue and the correct pressure on the sides of the palate.


  • Extra soft and gentle on the skin
  • Soft and thin base allows the lips to close naturally
  • Allows the passage of air
  • Reduces the collection of saliva


  • BOY - teal blue and clear (0-6m) teal blue and lime green (6-16m and 16-36m)
  • GIRL - pink and clear (0-6m) lilac and pink (6-16m and 16-36m)


All nipples and teats can ear out with normal use or over time. To prevent a possible choking hazard:

  • Before each use test strength by pulling on nipple portion firmly - replace immediately if nipple is enlarged or if any signs of cracks, tears, stickiness or excessive wear appear
  • Do not expose to excessive heat or direct sunlight for an extended period of time
  • Do not use if the child can place the entire pacifier in his/her mouth
  • Do not leave child unattended with a pacifier
  • This product is not a toy, do not allow children to play with it


  • Do not tie pacifier around baby's neck as it presents a strangulation hazard
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