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Bumprider Universal Bumper Bar

Bumprider Universal Bumper Bar

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Finally there is a smart and nicely designed technical solution for all strollers that lack a bumper bar. The Bumprider Universal Bumper Bar fits any stroller in the world in an instant -without harming your stroller or need for tools. The bumper bar is stiff in the unfolded position, but can easily and automatically be flexible and folded in the middle when folding your stroller or buggy. The protective cover is embedding the soft filling material to make the ride more comfortable as your child can sit more upright while holding on to the bumper bar. The bar protects your child from falling out of his stroller, without being in the way when the child is about to go in and out of the baby carriage. With a simple push of a button you open one of two locks so that the bumper bar can be swing to the side. Without removing the couplings, you can also remove the entire bumper bar.


  • 100% compatible with any push chair, stroller, buggy, pram or 3-wheeler
  • Multiple positions and buttons for adjustable height and angle
  • Swing-away function
  • Assemble without tools in seconds


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