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Bubba Blue

Bubba Blue Bamboo Co Sleeper Fitted Sheet

Bubba Blue Bamboo Co Sleeper Fitted Sheet

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Soft to the touch, this luxurious, ‘soft as silk’ Co-sleeper Jersey Fitted Sheet is ideal for baby’s delicate skin. Bamboo fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic and prevents overheating, perfect for use all year round.

- Super soft stretch jersey
- Bamboo viscose
- Environmentally friendly
- Naturally breathable
- Luxuriously soft, lightweight & feels like silk
- Dust mite resistant, antibacterial & hypo-allergenic
- Thermoregulating for a great night's sleep.
- Size: 88 x 54 x 10cm.

Bamboo is:
- Highly Resistant to Dust Mites
- Luxuriously Soft
- Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial
- Naturally Breathable
- Sustainable Bamboo
- Thermo regulating - stays cool in summer & warm in winter
- A great product for your child, your family & our environment!

Dimensions  54cm x 88cm x 10cm

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