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Babyrest Lambswool Fitted Large Cot Underlay 770mm

Babyrest Lambswool Fitted Large Cot Underlay 770mm

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Make the natural choice for your little lamb with the Lambswool Fitted Cot Underlay from babyComfort, for soft cushioning and soothing comfort.

  • Pure lambswool for organic softness and absorbency
  • The most absorbent natural fibre
  • Made in Australia for fine quality and craftsmanship
  • In common use, wool absorbs 30% moisture before feeling wet, perfect for little accidents
  • Insulates your baby while they rest all year round, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Helps your little one fall asleep when they're not in their own bed
  • Straps together for a snug hold and fits most standard portacots
  • Machine washable for quick and convenient cleaning
  • Anti-fungal, sweat-resistant and naturally fire retardant for your child's health and safety
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