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Babyrest Aster Nappy Bin - Sage

Babyrest Aster Nappy Bin - Sage

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The Babyrest Aster combines graceful style with effective odour control like no other. Say goodbye to unsightly nappy bins and hello to one which elevates your nursery with elegant design, style & finish. 

What’s dropped inside stays inside!
Be kind to your nose and keep nappy smells firmly contained inside the bin with the Aster’s powerful odour-stop system.

Never see a dirty nappy again
Simply flip the handle over for the bin's opening to appear. Drop the dirty nappy into the opening, then flip the handle back over for the nappy to drop into the bin below.
As you operate the handle, the protective seal prevents unpleasant odours from escaping from the bin no matter whether the bin is open or closed.

One-hand operation
The Aster’s intuitive one-hand operation allows you to keep control of your baby during changing, whilst disposing of dirty nappies. 

Kind to your back pocket
The Aster is compatible with generic bin liners; no locking you into ongoing costs associated with refill systems. 

Includes 1 refill roll of 15 bags.


  • Powerful odour-stop system
  • Easy one-hand control
  • BPA, latex & phthalate free
  • Compatible with generic bin liners
  • Includes 1 refill roll (15 bags). Each bag holds up to 25 nappies
  • Bin liner refill packs available
  • Product dimensions 47H x 23.5L x 25.5W cm (handle lowered) 
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