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The post-delivery time period can be challenging for any (if not every!) mother. You have the wave of constant niggling aches, feelings of discomfort that comes from your insides being rearranged, and...
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The post-delivery time period can be challenging for any (if not every!) mother. You have the wave of constant niggling aches, feelings of discomfort that comes from your insides being rearranged, and eternal weariness from the marathon event of birthing a new little human. With SRC pregnancy recovery shorts, you'll be able to move more freely with the comfort of extra support around your core during this challenging time. You had better believe these SRC shorts makes lifting, feeding, bathing and caring for your baby much easieras they help alleviate the anxiety and stress that comes with feeling like your internal organs may drop to the floor at any moment.

These SRC recovery shorts can help you*:

  • Regain your pre-baby body shape
  • Recover faster from C-section or perineal trauma
  • Support Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM)
  • Increase mobility and core stability

The challenges of pregnancy recovery

During pregnancy, your core region goes through a lot of restructuring and change. Birth can cause all sorts of issues that many women have never experienced pre-pregancy, such as the undesirable side effect of incontinence, decrease in mobility and a weakened core and pelvic floor. Maintaining strong abdominal muscles is one of keys to recovery post-delivery. Rehabilitation of abdominal muscles is paramount to regaining srength and functionality for these areas.

How do SRC recovery shorts help?

1. Activate Muscles

SRC garments have been designed with a technology that promotes muscle stimulation and activation through gentle compression to the pelvis, back and abdominal muscles. Think of it as a constant light pressure massage for these areas to help keeping blood flowing. This is not possible with a standard corset, girdle, or rigid support garment which are purely restrictive in nature. Even if you're not able to be active yet, you can feel confident in knowing your SRC Recovery shorts are doing their job to help you recover faster.

2. Reduce Swelling

These pregnancy recovery shorts feel like a second skin. The gentle compression helps you enjoy greater mobility sooner after both a vaginal or C-section delivery.

3. Reduces Pain and Provide Wound Support

SRC compression garments go so far as to provide gentle compression to a wounded area. Whether you have had a C-section delivery or stitches/tears to the perineum, SRC recovery shorts reduce wound swelling and pain to promote a faster and safer recovery.

How are they designed?

SRC Pregnancy Recovery Shorts have been designed in consultation with Melbourne-based obstetrician Dr. Grant Saffer. With thoughtfully and scientifically designed support panels to work with the natural curves of the female body, they provide an exceptional fit with maximum support. The medical grade compression will leave you feeling 100% supported without any feeling of restriction.

The proprietary luxurious fabric with breathable power mesh lining used in SRC garments is independently and scientifically tested. Test results show its construction is not only of the highest quality but SRC compression garments retain their stretch and strength characteristics longer than some leading sports performance brands.

When to wear?

The recovery shorts have been designed for use during the first 8-10 weeks after delivery and can be worn for as long as they provide benefit. You may need to wait few days for fluid retention to recede before feeling fully comfortable in them. SRC Recovery Shorts can be worn both day and night and for as many hours as you wish. Many women continue to wear their recovery shorts for exercise or for aesthetic reasons under fitted clothing.

Please be advised that if you have had stitches to the perineal area following a vaginal delivery you should change your maternity pad every 2 hours. DO NOT wear a pad that has a plastic backing. This may cause the area to sweat which will increase the risk of infection. Wash the area with salt water and dry well following each pad change. Wear your recovery shorts during the day only while your perineal stitches are healing. Once the area is fully healed you can wear them both day and night.

During pregnancy some women find that their ribs expand to accommodate the growing foetus. This can cause the elastic at the top of the SRC Recovery Shorts to feel a little tight even though the garment is otherwise comfortable. This is easily resolved by putting the elastic on continuous gentle stretch for a number of hours. Please contact us should you require further information.

Achieve Results

SRC Activate garments have been designed to allow you to comfortably return to exercise, all the while knowing that your pelvis, lower back and legs are supported. It is important to note that your SRC Recovery Shorts will perform best when washed every 3 days.

Health Rebate

Your SRC product may be claimable through your Health Fund

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